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One pan grill hash

One pan grill hash

See below for the recipe.. Enjoy!

This is soo easy, and what’s best is there isn’t much washing after!!


INGREDIENTS - enough to make dinner for 2-3 people

2 large potatoes

1 large sweet potato

1 tsp paprika

1 tsp cayenne pepper

1 tsp pepper & salt

1 bunch of asparagus chopped

2-3 tomatoes chopped

3-4 rashers of bacon roughly chopped

3 eggs, room temp

1.       Prep work first, get all your ingredients that you want in your pan, so I had potato and sweet potato, before I got started on these I popped my bacon under the grill.

2.       Whilst the bacon is crisping up, I then peeled and chopped my potatoes into small squares. You can par boil for 3-5 mins I popped them in the microwave for ease (I’m lazy) for 5-7 mins.

3.       Chop the rest of your ingredients ready, I chopped my tomatoes, asparagus (you will need to steam or par boil the asparagus before adding to pan).

4.       Once your potatoes are ready and half cooked, you can pop them in your pan with a light coating of oil I use rape seed oil (personal preference) this is also the time to add your seasoning, paprika, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper. Give these 5-10 minutes, you want to give them the chance to brown before adding everything else to the pan.  Add in your steamed asparagus, tomatoes, bacon. Give everything a really good stir.

5.       So then you want to form pockets within the pan to pop your eggs in. I used 3 eggs but you could easily add 4 into the pan. Let them fry off for 4-5 mins.

6.       Then to finish off I pop them under the grill for a couple of mins, this is really up to you, as some people light sunny side up others like well done, just judge it on your own preference.

7.       If your filling naughty you could add a little cheese, I do ha.

8.       Then pop it on the table and enjoy!!!

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