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My take on Lasagne

My take on Lasagne


Homemade lasagne (including the white sauce!)


For the lasagne (spag Bol element)

2 x carrots

2 x celery sticks

1 x red onion

1 x white onion (no biggy if you use two the same)

2 x garlic cloves

1 x tsp salt and pepper

1 x tsp paprika

1 x tbsp tomato purée

2 x 400g can of crushed tomatoes (sometimes use passata instead up to you)

1 x 450g veal mince

1 x 450g beef mince

Lasagne sheets (no is dependable on the size of your dish)

For the white sauce (or fancy terminology Bechamel sauce)

500 ml of Milk (I use full fat, of course)

50g butter

50g flour

75g parmesan (save some for the top of the lasagne or grate a little more, I will also use up any little bits of cheddar etc)

pinch of salt and nutmeg


1. Chop small your carrots, onions and celery and pop in a pan on light heat for 8-10mins, I always spray rape seed oil in and coat the veg but you can sunflower or Virgin, whatever your preference.

2. Add in your garlic once the veg has initially softened around 5-8 mins in (you don't ever want to burn your garlic).

3. Add your minces and make sure you separate them out using your spoon. Turn up the heat and brown off. I usually add my paprika now too.

4. Add your tomato puree and crushed tomatoes, (I usually add a dribble of water in the cans give them a swish and add to the pan), check if you need a little seasoning bring all this to the boil. Then cover and put on a simmer for 45 mins.

5. Now take the lid of and simmer another 30 mins, if its getting too thick then add a dribble of water, if its still too watery turn the heat up a little.

6. Place your sauce to one side and now lets make the white sauce. Heat your butter until its bubbling add your flour and stir whilst cooking (not burning) for 1-2 mins, take off the heat and whilst stirring continuously slowly add the milk. You should end up with a nice consistency. Bring back to the boil or until thickened. Then once again take off the heat and add your cheese and pinch of salt and nutmeg.

7. Simple assemble your lasagne by adding a layer of mince then a layer of lasagne sheets then a layer of white sauce, you want to finish with a layer of white sauce, a sprinkle of parmesan and pop in the oven for a further 40 mins or when the top layer is a lovely brown colour.

8. if freezing or popping in fridge for the next day simply assemble the lasagne, then leave to coll and freeze or refrigerate and when ready to cook either defrost and cook for 40mins or if straight out of the fridge and pop it in the oven for 40 mins.


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