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Embracing your Weird

Embracing your Weird

I recently read a brilliant article by Natalie Bounassar she spoke of her younger years and trying to conform to the 'then' trends including poker straight hair and such. 

However it wasn't until she embraced her heritage, unique qualities and what set her apart that she actually started to realise what made her different were qualities she could use to further her career:

"Over time, I have learned that all of the things that I tried to suppress — all of the things that made me “weird” in junior high — those were the things that made me unique and afforded me a fresh perspective in the workplace."

I really couldn't agree more and think that we have all been there, trying to fit into a look or a trending tribe at some stage over our younger years, however I am now trying to embrace whats unique to me, and very much take these as my qualities. 

Likewise with a little girl who looks up to me and sees how I tackle the world I want nothing but confidence to be seen that and kindness and I hope this is what I showcase to her on a daily basis. Another quote from Natalie:

'These are my unique perspectives. They shape how I approach my writing. They shape how I treat people. They shape how I do business. And I believe my understanding and embracing of the things that make me me are why I’ve accomplished what I have.'

I would thoroughly recommend taking a read and embracing your weird, its what sets you apart and what could make you unique within your workplace and more.

Lastly I will leave you with one final quote from the article. Which is my mantra from here on in:

'I believe that the foundation for success is hard work and kindness — no matter how many interviews or how many companies hire you, kindness and hard work are necessary for career longevity.'

Heres the full article link below, do take a look:

Embrace Your Weird


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