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Weekly Meal Plan 19

Weekly Meal Plan 19

Another week down and I feel Christmas is creeping up on me and I haven't quite organised myself, apart from successfully turning our house into Santa's grotto. I still have a number of pressies to buy but for now I'm going to concentrate on our bellies for another week.

So heres to another week o cosy comforting meals (that are friendly with the waistline as best can be).


Chicken and Leak Pie with New Potatoes 


Spag bol (with brown spaghetti pasta)


Brunch for dinner - Grill including eggs, bacon, tomatoes and hash 


Brussel sprouts and potato hash (with a runny egg on top)


Fakeaway BBQ ribs with chips and slaw

Hope you enjoy

G x

Our bedroom transformation in the making...

Our bedroom transformation in the making...

Weekly Meal Plan 18

Weekly Meal Plan 18