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My weekly Meal Plans: First up Nearing Pay Day

My weekly Meal Plans: First up Nearing Pay Day

When putting my weekly meal plans together I always like to have inspiration surrounding me and although you can't beat the odd weekly rituals like Meat Free Mondays or Taco Tuesdays I always look to tackle them with a fresh approach each week!

To keep me inspired and ensure we all enjoy the meals for the week ahead, I gather my inspiration from numerous sources, including cook books, Instagram, Pinterest is becoming a new firm favourite and many more.

Each week I will look to share my plan and hopefully inspire you or just give you a craving for a new meal to try.

This week my meal plan is very much based on the fact pay day is a whole week away but rest assured theres so much more than beans on toast to try. Other weeks will look to show you veggie inspired plans, in-season produce and making the most of the meal plan and indulgent weeks, when why the hell not (she's says flicking her hair, because your god damn worth it).  

I only ever plan Monday-Thursday, as a mum weekend plans can change at the drop of a hat so like to keep these spontaneous and deal with them as and when they arrive, however I will look to show meal ideas and recipes for gatherings, will pop these up separately.

Ps do let me know if there is any particular theme or meal you would like me to help include in a weekly plan more than happy to take a look.


Nearing Pay Day meal plan:


Cottage Pie


One pan grill hash


Jacket potato cheese and beans


Veggie lentil spag bol


Homemade pizza (toppings will be any veg leftover meat in the fridge)

For lunches at work will look to use a mix of leftovers including the Cottage Pie and a new favourite which is so dead easy to make and so cheap my Pearl Barley and Kale broth (actually lovely around Spring).

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