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Bathroom Before and after Pictures

Bathroom Before and after Pictures

We saw great potential in the bathroom and although it only held a shower we knew there was space for far more, especially with the potential to extend the room a little further out.

The below pictures show what we faced, can you tell there was no where to hang the towels??! The top left picture just gives you a glimpse of the hallway which led into the kitchen.

Our immediate idea was to seal the door that led to the kitchen (you would access this from the lounge) and bring the bathroom out to the hallway allowing not only space for a shower and a bath (had to find a way to sneak in a bath). But which would transform the bathroom into a decent bathroom sufficient for a growing family.

When the builders came in they faced a hidden chimney breast behind the tiles (situated behind the door), however we also had some amazing hidden gems that we welcomed, when beginning to demolish and tear out the existing bathroom and tiles they found that the original window seal was in fact real marble this must have been hidden for years under a wooden replacement.

Upon finding this I decided to use this as our inspiration for the tiles and tweaked the look and feel to work around it.

We gained so much space once opening up the bathroom that little bit further and once we had got rid of the random wooden theme that seemed so dated and which really darkened the bathroom, we noticed a light and airy space that we all loved.

I tried to keep all the bathroom furniture very simple and classic buying all bathroom furniture in white with silver taps and shower heads to compliment. 

I had a little more fun with the tiles using the real marble window seal as my inspiration, I kept the wall tiles simple and with a faint marble effect, whilst playing a little more with the flooring and bringing a mosaic style to the floor (still in keeping with the white/grey scheme).

All the bathroom furniture was simplistic and white, reason being I am hoping to add a little colour using accessories within the bathroom using colourful towels and floor mats.

On the left handside of the room where the sink and toilet are situated the tiles only cover halfway up the walls, I will look to add a playful wallpaper which can always be painted or changed at a later date.

Below is the almost finished bathroom still needing to add the final touches, my wishlist still includes shutters (watch this space) my wallpaper and little accessories here and there to complete the room. Will showcase updates as and when we manage to finalise them.

All bathroom furniture was purchased via Victoria Plum

All tiles (apart from the original marble window seal) was purchased via wallsandfloors.co.uk

Hope you like the transformation x

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