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Leaving the house like...

Leaving the house like...

Go back in time say 3 years ago and I could honestly say I spent a LOT of my wage on clothes, which at the time was no problem at all. I also treated myself to the higher end retailers, designer labels, and sought after purchases.

Returning back to present day and to the fact I am eternally broke since purchasing as they say 'doer upper' house with an endless list of things we need to tackle (no really the list is long). I have somewhat unwillingly become frugal thrifty and precious of my pounds and what clothes I now purchase.

However I now rejoice if I leave the house with co-ordinating clothes on and have managed to comb my hair! I have started to celebrate the little wins, like managing to wash my hair every so often (I hate to admit how much I rely on dry shampoo). Or having managed to pop a little fake tan on to take the edge of my translucent casper skin. Starting the #leavingthehouselike is simply a way to celebrate these small achievements and have a little fun with it, whilst spurring me on to leave the house looking a little more presentable than I have of late.

Don't get me wrong my clothes wishlist still includes the high end names, trends and new high street finds (still reaching for the stars), however the purse strings dictate otherwise.

I have slowly started to seek out hidden gems at affordable prices whilst also purchasing strategic investments that will last the test of time and this weeks trend.

Once upon a time where I wouldn't have looked or ventured I now search all possible places, retailers, even supermarkets (don't knock it until you try it).

With the majority of my office comprising of opinionated women, you know by the end of the working day if that new top or that sneaky skirt you got online was worth it, with strong critics and opinions about you will soon have a hit or miss on your hands.

So I will be showing you the hits once they have been road tested amongst my harshest critics at work and will show the look and the options for the hero product and try and pop into three categories: From those that want to splash the cash the norm and by that I mean the usually high street names then the thrifty buy and thats usually my buy the hidden gem you search out!

  • From those that want to splash the cash, money is no object (oh those were the days, enjoy them while you can).
  • The usual suspects and by that I mean the usually high street names that want completely ruin your bank balance
  • Most importantly I will look to show you the thrifty purchase and thats usually my hidden gem that I manage to search out!

This will be a bit of a slow burner but please do feed back and tell me what you think, I would love to get more people using the hashtag and celebrating the little wins, whilst sharing a fab buy, whether that be a life saving mascara, new pair of shoes or thrifty top.


Gem x

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