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Weekly meal plan 4: Inspired by my Abel and Cole delivery

Weekly meal plan 4: Inspired by my Abel and Cole delivery

I’ve once again been tempted back to Abel and Cole and signed up for a 4 week plan. Of course you have a say in what’s delivered within your box, however I quite like the fact that it is predominantly seasonal produce and then in turn gets me trying something new dependent on the delivery and the contents in it.

So this week’s plan is inspired by my delivery and I’ve worked my meals around the ingredients I have been delivered.

I’ve already used my apples in my Sunday pork roast which was delish! Take a look at the below and let me know you think, will be popping up the meals on Instagram:


#meatfreemonday Butternut noodles with spinach and parmesan  


Healthy Grill including eggs, bacon, avocado, beans and sourdough


Beef and sprouting broccoli stir fry


Gnocchi with spinach and dolcelatte


Takeaway alternative homemade Curry still undiscovered as to what but thinking a good old fashion masala.

Hope you enjoy this week’s plan let me know if you try any of the above


Classic Berry Blondies

Classic Berry Blondies

Fererro Rocher Chocolate Cake

Fererro Rocher Chocolate Cake