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Weekly meal plan 3: Making the most of National Pie Week

Weekly meal plan 3: Making the most of National Pie Week

Week 3 meal plan: Making the most of National Pie Week

This week’s plan plays towards all the #days. So including the likes of:

#meatfreemonday - making a day to ensure make the most of the veggies

#tacotuesdays this is one of Pinterest's trends for 2017 who knew?

#nationalpieweek not that I need any excuse to make one but why not?

With my half marathon done (phew, and yes I’m still alive) but with my husband running another next weekend wanted to keep the meals protein high whilst adding in good carbs along the week, will be popping up more of the below dishes and the recipes that go with them throughout the week:


#meatfreemonday Sweet Potato Chilli


Taco Tuesdays 


#nationalpieweek Speedy Chicken and Baby Leak Pie


Jacket Potato – a classic twist on beans and cheese


Takeaway alternative homemade Sweet and Sour chicken

Hope you enjoy this week’s plan let me know if you try any of the above


Fererro Rocher Chocolate Cake

Fererro Rocher Chocolate Cake

Sweet Potato Chilli

Sweet Potato Chilli