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Weekly Meal Plan Week 9: Prepping for London Marathon

Weekly Meal Plan Week 9: Prepping for London Marathon

So London Marathon has well and truly snuck up on me. With it being a week away, all those months of training will hopefully be all worth it. With my hubby making us go the extra mile in preparation and putting us on a no drinking ban I feel ready to reach the finish line! 

This week am aiming to keep meals high protein where possible, with carbohydrates to fuel us during those 26 miles (getting slightly nervous if I'm honest now, but so ready to just run it).

So here is what I'm cooking this week:


Spring greens orzo risotto (quick scrumptious dish and a LOT quicker than normal risotto)


Chilli con carne with brown rice


Sweet potato jackets with masala beans for filling


Sweet pork chops with apple sauce and roasted new potatoes 


Takeaway alternative: Chicken curry in a hurry (still deciding on the sauce) with rice 

Homemade Spelt Loaf with Walnuts

Homemade Spelt Loaf with Walnuts

Brighton April 2017

Brighton April 2017