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Chilli Con Carne the perfect family meal

Chilli Con Carne the perfect family meal

Here is my go to recipe for Chilli Con Carne. a lovely warm comforting meal. 


2 – 3 cloves of garlic

1 onion diced

2 carrots diced

2 celery sticks diced

500g of lean minced beef (you could replace with Puy lentils for a vegetarian/vegan alternative)

2 x 400g of chopped canned tomatoes 

1 x 400g of kidney beans (drained)

1 x tbsp tomato puree

1 x tsp cumin

1 x tsp paprika

1 x tbsp mild chilli powder (I use mild as I give this to Darcy but it’s your choice, make it a tsp if using HOT)

A pinch of salt and pepper 

A pinch of sugar (takes the bitterness off the tomatoes)

How to Make:

1. Pop your pan on a low-medium heat and add your oil, I always use rapeseed oil (totally up to you). Add in your onions, stirring frequently, once softened (around 5-7 mins) then tip in your garlic and herbs give it a good stir and continue to cook for another 5 mins.

2. You can brown your mince then add, but I just turn up the heat and add in the meat breaking it up in the pan, mix well and ensure the mince is coated in all seasoning. Keep separating and turning over the mince until browned, I add the tomato puree in at this point and stir through.

3. Add in the chopped tomatoes stirring the cans with a swill of water and adding this to the pan. Bring this all to the boil then give a good stir turn down the heat and pop the lid on and leave to cook for 20 mins, if you’re feeling cheeky add a sugar cube (this will also takes the bitterness out of the tomatoes).  

4. Check the pan throughout the 20 mins and continue to stir every so often.

5. Drain you’re can of kidney beans and stir them to the chilli pot, leave to simmer for another 10 mins with no lid to thicken your sauce. At the same time pop on your rice (allow a little more time for brain rice).

I like to use the leftovers on a jacket potato which taste even better when the flavours have tsken to the meat even more so.


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