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Weekly Meal plan is back

Weekly Meal plan is back

I've been naughty of late and haven't put together my meal plans recently. Taking the week as it comes and cooking day by day completely winging dinner has been expensive and tiresome for the last couple of weeks. Thanks to the Bank Holiday and an extra day to sort my life out, I feel back on track and was able to meal prep for the week ahead.

Really missed feeling organised and having everything sorted for the working week, I also need to get our pack lunches back up and running for the working week as I've also spent a small fortune and could have shares in Pret, Itsu just to name a few. Will be popping up a little inspiration on what to make other than a limp sandwich at some point on the blog too.

So here it is my meal plan this week:


Healthy Grill (any excuse to have brekkie for dinner, am I the only one?)


Spring Beef Stew with Potato topping 


Turkey kebabs with Halloumi chips (have been dying to make these) 


Pea and Asparagus Risotto 


Do let me know if you try any of the recipes this week.

Spring Beef Pie with Potato Topping

Spring Beef Pie with Potato Topping

Morning Granola toppings

Morning Granola toppings