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Another pack lunch to try

Another pack lunch to try

Another lunchtime inspiration again such a simple dish to whip up and really flexible if you have ingredients to use up in your fridge.

This makes two big portions, you could easily get two days’ worth for two people.


2 chicken breasts cut into small 1 inch pieces

1 tbs of soy sauce (to season the chicken)

1 tsp of soy for the dressing

1 splash of white wine vinegar

1 tsp of demerara sugar

¼ of pack of rice vermicelli noodles

Handful of baby sweetcorn finely sliced

1 carrot finely sliced

small handful of beansprouts finely sliced

1 scallion finely sliced

Small handful of sprouting broccoli sliced

1 romaine lettuce choped

1 avocado sliced

How to Make:

1.       Season your chicken with the soy and place in a hot wok, stir continuously as so not to stick to the wok. I usually spray a little rapeseed oil to help stop it sticking.

2.       Whilst the chicken cooks place your rice vermicelli noodles in a bowl and pour over boiling water, then simply leave to soften (usually take 3-5 mins).

3.       Once almost cooked then add in your carrot, sweetcorn and sprouting broccoli and give it another few mins (you want to keep the veg crispy).

4.       Mix together your additional soy, white wine vinegar and demerara sugar and sprinkle over the mix. Drain in your rice noodles and mix in with your chicken and veg.

5.       On a plate mix together your avocado scallions and lettuce and mix all together with your heated meat and veg.

6.       I sometimes sprinkle a little Sweet Chilli on the top for good measure.

This works lovely for a cold salad the next day at lunch. Otherwise keep the hot ingredients separated from the cold and when preparing for lunch the next day, give the hot ingredients a zap in the microwave and mix in with your salad to enjoy again.

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